About Local Councils

We have 160 parish and town councils across Dorset in membership to our association. Local councils provide an array of services for the residents they serve. These include amongst other things, open spaces, local events, allotments, meeting and activity venues, cemeteries, markets, public toilets, benches/seating, memorials as well as an array of parks/playgrounds. In coastal locations they will have seafront teams and the beach to manage with the provision of beach huts. They also have an important role in shaping your community through the development of Neighbourhood Plans, of which Dorset has a high number. Put simply - they are busy locally for you!

In those local Dorset councils there are just under 1,500 seats for local people to help shape and improve their communities. If you want to be part of those teams, watch the videos below to get an idea of how rewarding being a councillor can be. As you will hear - you don't need to be highly educated with a degree in politics, watch Question Time or Newsnight. You need to be able to listen and engage your residents, understand what your community needs and then work with your fellow councillors and officers to push things forward. You do need to be 18 (although in quite a few locations there are Youth Councils) and have a passion for your community - first and foremost.

There could be opportunities to join your local parish or town council now - to find out more, get in touch with the parish or town clerk.

You don't need to watch Question Time every week!

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