Executive Committee Members' Area

In this part of the website you will find details of Executive Committee meetings which includes information in the following areas: Agendas, Minutes; Meeting Papers and future meeting dates and a log of actions. Some documents in this part of the website may be password restricted where they hold commercially sensitive information or matters relating to colleagues employed by DAPTC.

The information contained on these pages can be accessed by member councils. If some meeting records do not have an active link to open the pdf. file it will be because there is information contained in the document that is of a commercially sensitive nature or including staff details. If you require any further information you can contact daptc@dorsetcc.gov.uk

Detailed below are policies adopted by DAPTC and subject to review annually.


Adopted DAPTC Policy Documents:

Policy No 1 - Neutrality

Policy No 2 - Endorsements 

Policy No 3 - Advertising

Policy No 4 - Charging Schedule 

Policy No 5 - Records

DAPTC Constitution - adopted 14th November 2020


South West Association of Local Councils - next meeting documents (13th October 2020):

Attendees: Neil Wedge (CE), Lindsey Dedden (NALC Rep) & Jill Crouch (Acting Chair DAPTC)

Agenda & Draft Minutes and Supporting Accounts

NALC AGM - 27th October 2020 at 11am 

DAPTC attendees: Neil Wedge (Chief Exec), Jill Crouch (Acting Chair) and Lindsey Dedden (NALC Rep). These are the voting members for DAPTC. 


The Reading Room

As part of the DAPTC Constitution review in 2020 a number of key areas will be looked at to address the feedback received from members. To help Executive Committee members ahead of any discussion on the various items; this part of the website will be populated with documents, policies and information from other county associations. We may draw upon these to draft and shape our own plans, policies and operating procedures.