1st June 2022 

Clerks to consider seeking any motions from Council for the DAPTC AGM in November and to schedule this into their planned meeting

30th September 2022 

Clerks to submit any motions for the AGM to DAPTC for consideration of the Executive Committee

20th October 2022 

Nominations for President and Vice President to be received by the Chief Executive

21st October 2022 

DAPTC publish the AGM Agenda and Annual Report and Accounts

Saturday 19th November 2022 10am | 12 noon



2021 DAPTC AGM Key Documents 


Annual Report and Accounts to 31st March 2021

Supporting AGM Guide

If you want to see a shortened highlights in a fraction of the time watch this Bite-sized Video Clip of the AGM.

The outcomes of the motions submitted are below.

Draft Minutes 2021 DAPTC AGM

75 Delegates and 51 councils represented.

Thank you to our two guest speakers, PCC David Sidwick and Cllr. Laura Miller from Dorset Council.

PCC Slides  | 2021 AGM Delegate Feedback

2021 Member Motions to AGM

Motion A - Blandford Forum Town Council | Approved 84% | Against 6% | Abstain 10%

The Town Council requests that, with the new Code of Conduct in place which is considered to be lacking in means of enforcement, the government continues to be lobbied for stronger penalties should Councillors breach the Code of Conduct. Read the full submission from Blandford Town Council.

Motion B - Wimborne Minster Town Council | Approved 72% | Against 13% | Abstain 15%

The Town Council would like to the inclusion of enhanced tree protection measures in subsequent legislation, for example more stringent protection for trees and hedgerows compared to those in Tree Preservation Orders. Read the full submission from Wimborne Minster Town Council.

Motion C - Studland Parish Council

The local councils call on Dorset Council to re-instate a) the provision of yellow notices associated with properties seeking planning developments and b) the notification in writing of neighbours where there are planning applications.

This motion received two amendments which were accepted and approved. The motion as amended now reads:

The local councils call on Dorset Council to re-instate a) the provision of yellow notices associated with properties seeking planning developments and b) the notification in writing to neighbours where there are planning applications; c) that the weekly list of planning applications and decisions is put back in place; d) that Dorset Council comply with the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015. 

2020 DAPTC AGM Records

DAPTC Holds It's First Online AGM in 2020

As a result of COVID-19 DAPTC opted to stage the first online AGM in its history. Just under 80 delegates attended via Zoom.

John Parker, DAPTC President chaired the meeting and voting took place looking 'in-meeting' systems to allow members to cast votes on the key items of business. As well as the customary motions that received significant debating time, DAPTC took the opportunity to present an updated Constitution for adoption.

2020 AGM DELEGATE FEEDBACK | 2020 AGM Agenda | Approved 2020 AGM Minutes |  Annual Report 

You can watch the 'bitesized' 2020 AGM on this link


Phase 2 of the Constitution Review is about the Area Committee Structure. The Executive Committee will review members feedback on how the existing structure is working early in 2021. The initial look at the survey results resulted in the committee recommending we try to breath life into the existing structure rather than make any significant changes.

Summary documents from the Dec '20 / Jan '21 Surveys on Area Committes and TLC Committee

Area Committee Survey Summary Report

Towns  & Larger Council's Survey Summary Report 

Summary of the desk-based analysis of Area Committees and the TLC Committee for 3 years prior to Dec '20.

The  full data used to produce the Summary will be made available to the  DAPTC Strategy Working Group.