2020 DAPTC Annual General Meeting

The AGM in 2020 was held online on Saturday 14th November 2020 at 10am. It was attended by just over 80 delegates and had 40% membership representation. This year there were no guest speakers and a shortened business only agenda. The pre-AGM information is contained below. A post AGM membership special update will be issued shortly to all member councils and parish meetings. The delegate survey is open and an responses can be viewed here: 2020 AGM DELEGATE FEEDBACK.


For those that missed the AGM this year here is your sub-10 minute recap: Pocket Guide to DAPTC's 2020 AGM


Draft minutes for 2019 AGM

Communication to Members - AGM Information Pack.

Annual Report including Treasurer's Report and Audited Accounts to 31st March 2020.

DAPTC Updated Constitution.

Motion 1 - Beaminster & Bridport Town Council

Motion 2 - Bridport Town Council plus Supporting Information

Motion 3 - Corfe Castle Parish Council

Motion 4 - Loders Parish Council

Motion 5 - Studland Parish Council



Phase 2 of the Constitution Review is about the Area Committee Structure. The Executive Committee will review members feedback on how the existing structure is working early in 2021. The links below show the live the feedback from each area as a result of a survey issued on 3rd December 2020. The closing date for comments is 31st January 2021.

Summary documents from the Dec '20 / Jan '21 Surveys on Area Committes and TLC Committee

Area Committee Survey Summary Report

Towns  & Larger Council's Survey Summary Report 

Summary of the desk-based analysis of Area Committees and the TLC Committee for 3 years prior to Dec '20.

The  full data used to produce the Summary will be made available to the  DAPTC Strategy Working Group.